Club Ladies Singles 2018

The Club Ladies Singles was held yesterday afternoon and what a lovely afternoon it was complete with a little bit if late ‘drama’. After three games each it looked as though no one could stop Tina Leonard who had won all three of her games building up a massive 27 shot advantage in the process. However, in her last game Tina found herself on the mat, one wood left, two shots down and the score at 3-3; was what seemed like inevitable victory going to lost at the last minute? Tina was having none of it, cool as the proveriable cucumber she rolled up the perfect wood to clinch the game and become our Ladies Champion for 2018.

With that last wood from Tina Jackie Beazer, last year's winner, had to settle for second this year despite also winning all four games but that was a remarkable achievement given the difficulties she has overcome since breaking her arm not that long ago; well done Jackie.

Third place went to Jo Duncan whose only set back during the afternoon was defeat by the eventual champion and fourth spot went to one of our newest members and newest bowlers, Sue Barton, who also won three games - everyone had better watch out next year …

An afternoon of some fine bowling played in a competitive but good spirit and a fine reflection on the state of the club at the present time as was the fact fourteen members not involved still turned up to watch, support, mark. make the tea and sort out the equipment; a good day to be the Club chair.