Club Membership

It has been a joy to welcome the following new members to the Club recently:

Sue Barton
Adrian and Lorraine Nice
Richard O'Sullivan
Dennis Roulstone
Alex and Rose Sime
Barbara and Tony Smalley
Dennis Tillier

All are settling in well and we hope they will enjoy bowling with us for years to come.

With this influx of new members all three sessions are now buzzing and well supported and we need to take time for these new members to get established and for things to settle down. New members are the lifeblood of any club and should always be welcome but there is a limit to what we can cope with at any one time. For the time being we will have to put a stop on recruitment until the committee have had a chance to consider where we go from here; do we stick or do we twist? It would be good to see an evening session back as part of our programme but past attempts have failed, perhaps now is a good time to try again?

For the time being, if you know anyone who wishes to join PLEASE do not invite them along as we just cannot cope with new faces in the short term. Instead, please let us know of anyone showing an interest so that we can make decisions on the Club's future based on reliable information.

Our new members may not know (indeed some of more established members may not know either) that we have a Facebook group which they are welcome to join to get the latest news from the Club and from Short-mat in Dorset in general. - it can be found here: