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Verwood Foresters v Wareham Saxons

The Saxons came away from Verwood rather disappointed on Sunday. Having failed to adjust to the home side's slower mats they just could not get in to the game and suffered a heavy defeat. The triple of Dave Wright, Stuart Duncan and Peter Orchard lost 26 - 15 and the four of Jo Duncan, Eddie Harris, Eileen Brown and Ken Leonard found the Verwood four in very good form and lost by 21 - 3. With the overall match score of 47 - 18 in Verwood's favour they took all six points and remain above the Saxons in the league table.

Wareham Saxons v Poole Park Swans

The Saxons welcomed Poole Park Swans to Furzebrook on Sunday afternoon for the return match; the Saxons having won a creditable 6-0 in the fixture in Poole before Christmas. Both sides fielded very different teams for this game with Tina Leonard, Stuart Duncan and Peter Orchard making up the triple and they won a high scoring match comfortably 39-14. The four of Jane Hall, Ray Miller, Jo Duncan and Ken Leonard found the new look Poole four more of a challenge and went down fighting 9-19. The triples winning margin gave the Saxons the match 48-33 overall and the Saxons take 10 points out of 12 off of the Swans who stood above the Saxons in the table prior to this match (although, to be fair, they had played two games more than the Saxons). 


Poole Park Swans v Wareham Saxons

On Sunday 9th December the Saxons invaded Poole Park Bowls Club and came away with the spoils! It is never easy to win away from home on mats that are very different to our own so a 6-0 victory is a superb achievement. The triple of Eileen Brown, Tina Leonard and Dave Wright won 21-16 and the four of Ken Leonard, Stuart and Jo Duncan and Jackie Beazer won 14-11 giving a match score of 35 - 27. Well done to all involved, you did the Club proud! The latest table published prior to this match showed the Saxons third in the league but there is a long way to go yet.

Mixed Pairs Championship 2018/9

Furzebrook was packed last Tuesday (27th November) with thirty members entering the annual mixed pairs championship. As always pairs were drawn so that the 'best' bowlers can't team up and dominate proceedings and as a result it was a closely fought afternoons bowls and only one pair, Sue Barton and Alex Sime, were able to win all four of their matches to give them 8 points and a +23 shot difference and so become our champions for the 2018/9 season. Two pairs succeeded in winning three of their matches with Rose Sime and Don Hewitt accumulating 6 points with a +12 shot difference to give them second place just ahead of Jackie Beazer and Bob Bates who had 6 points and a +11 shot difference.

Special congratulations to Alex, Sue and Rose who only joined us back in September and who did so well; the rest of are going to have to 'up our game' if these new members continue to develop and improve over the coming months!

Entries are now open for the triples championship which will take place on Tuesday 29th January 2019, the sign up sheet is on the Club notice board.

Wareham Saxons v Keyneston Robbers

Last Sunday (2nd December) afternoon the Saxons entertained Keyneston Robbers at Furzebrook. The triple of Eileen Brown, Jackie Beazer and Dave Wright did well running out winners by 22-13 but the four of Ken and Tina Leonard, Eddie Harris and Ken McMillan were disappointed to lose 11-18. The four's efforts were enough, though, to ensure the 2 bonus points giving the Saxons a 4-2 win overall.

West Moors Badgers v Wareham Saxons

For their latest league match the Saxons travelled to West Moors to play the Badgers and it turned out to be a very close encounter. The four of Ken McMillan, Tricia Stinchcombe, Don Hewitt and Ken Leonard got a creditable draw but the three of Tina Leonard, Jackie Beazer and Peter Orchard went down by two shots having been six ahead at one point. Some remarkable bowling by the Badger triple's number two turned several ends from Saxon wins to losses in the closing stages. The Badgers were good hosts and it it was an enjoyable evening despite the disappointment of just failing to clinch a creditable away win over the last few ends.

Notice Board: Update - November 2018


The annual Club 'mixed pairs' championship will take place on Tuesday 27th November 2018 starting at 2.00pm prompt. The entry sign-up sheet is on the Club notice board and we already have a good number of entries so if you want to be part of it get your names up soon. At the moment we have more men than ladies so, don't be shy ladies, get your names on the entry list!


For the Christmas lunch we will be returning to the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club (on the Studland Road) which proved so popular last year. It will be held on Tuesday 18th December 2018 and full details of the menu and the cost can now be found on the Club notice board. If you do not want to go hungry please put your names on the list as soon as possible.

Club Membership

It has been a joy to welcome the following new members to the Club recently:

Sue Barton
Adrian and Lorraine Nice
Richard O'Sullivan
Dennis Roulstone
Alex and Rose Sime
Barbara and Tony Smalley
Dennis Tillier

All are settling in well and we hope they will enjoy bowling with us for years to come.

With this influx of new members all three sessions are now buzzing and well supported and we need to take time for these new members to get established and for things to settle down. New members are the lifeblood of any club and should always be welcome but there is a limit to what we can cope with at any one time. For the time being we will have to put a stop on recruitment until the committee have had a chance to consider where we go from here; do we stick or do we twist? It would be good to see an evening session back as part of our programme but past attempts have failed, perhaps now is a good time to try again?

For the time being, if you know anyone who wishes to join PLEASE do not invite them along as we just cannot cope with new faces in the short term. Instead, please let us know of anyone showing an interest so that we can make decisions on the Club's future based on reliable information.

Our new members may not know (indeed some of more established members may not know either) that we have a Facebook group which they are welcome to join to get the latest news from the Club and from Short-mat in Dorset in general. - it can be found here:

Wareham Saxons v Ensbury Hawks

The Saxons came up against a strong Ensbury Hawks team at Furzebrook yesterday afternoon. The triple of Eileen Brown, Dave Wright and Tina Leonard did exceptionally well to win by 9 shots but the triple of Jane Hall, Ray Miller, Eileen Casey and Ken Leonard went down by 10 giving the Hawks a 1 shot win overall. Despite the loss a creditable performance from the Saxons who had two members of the four making their league debut. It seems Ensbury Hawks have won 4 of their 5 league games so far this season so they are no pushovers!

Club Ladies Singles 2018

The Club Ladies Singles was held yesterday afternoon and what a lovely afternoon it was complete with a little bit if late ‘drama’. After three games each it looked as though no one could stop Tina Leonard who had won all three of her games building up a massive 27 shot advantage in the process. However, in her last game Tina found herself on the mat, one wood left, two shots down and the score at 3-3; was what seemed like inevitable victory going to lost at the last minute? Tina was having none of it, cool as the proveriable cucumber she rolled up the perfect wood to clinch the game and become our Ladies Champion for 2018.

With that last wood from Tina Jackie Beazer, last year's winner, had to settle for second this year despite also winning all four games but that was a remarkable achievement given the difficulties she has overcome since breaking her arm not that long ago; well done Jackie.

Third place went to Jo Duncan whose only set back during the afternoon was defeat by the eventual champion and fourth spot went to one of our newest members and newest bowlers, Sue Barton, who also won three games - everyone had better watch out next year …

An afternoon of some fine bowling played in a competitive but good spirit and a fine reflection on the state of the club at the present time as was the fact fourteen members not involved still turned up to watch, support, mark. make the tea and sort out the equipment; a good day to be the Club chair.


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