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Ladies Singles reminder

Just a reminder that next Tuesday, 30th October, is the annual Ladies' Singles championship and so the mats will all be in use for that so, unless you have not entered, there will be no bowls for you I'm afraid. If you have entered don't forget to turn up! Please be ready for a prompt 2.00pm start and it's white tops as usual for competitions.

Men's Singles Championship 2018

Congratulations to Peter Lane, the deserved winner of this year's Club Men's Championship. Peter won all four of his matches with a shot difference of +22. Norman Brown pushed him hard but eventually came in as runner-up despite winning all four games with a +14 shot difference. Third place went to Ken McMillan with three wins and a draw; these three were the only ones to go all afternoon without losing a game.

Wareham Saxons v Ensbury Eagles

A great start to our division 5 campaign (now 'trading' as Wareham Saxons) with a 6-0 home win against Ensbury Eagles. The overall score was 60-16 so well done to all involved.

Latest news ...

MEN'S SINGLES - Tuesday 25th September 2018

Just a reminder that the men's singles championship takes place next Tuesday and all the mats will be in use for this annual event so, sorry, unless you are involved there will be no bowls for you on Tuesday - you could try Monday instead!

LADIES' SINGLES - Tuesday 30th October 2018

The ladies singles will be held on Tuesday 30th October and the entry sign-up sheet is now on the notice board for those wishing to challenge Jackie for the ladies title! Closing date for entries is Friday 26th October so no immediate rush but make sure you get your name on the list before the 26th.


Due to increasing numbers attending the Friday session Fridays will be MEMBERS ONLY until further notice. Prospective members and lapsed members who have not yet renewed will need to to come along on a Monday or Tuesday only for the time being.


Sorry! My brains gone to sleep again ... the Men's Singles will be on Tuesday 25th September 2018 and the closing date for entries is the 18th September.

Club Championships 2018/9: Men's Singles

It is time to start the cycle of Club championships again and this year there will be six in all which will be held on the last Tuesday of each month from September until April (but missing December).

We start with the MEN'S SINGLES on Tuesday 28th SEPTEMBER 2018, 2.00pm prompt start. The entry sign-up sheet is now on the Club notice board so if you wish to play this year get your name on the list soon. There is a maximum of 16 entries, "first come first served". If you will not be at the Club in the near future and wish to enter please e-mail me and I will put your name up for you. Closing date for entries is the 21st September 2018.

Just a reminder that there will be no bowls for those who have not entered as all mats are likely to be in use for the competition.

Friday 29th September 2017 - Club Ladies Championship

Just a reminder that this coming Friday, the 29th September, we are holding the Club Ladies Championship. This means that most of the mats will be in use for this event and use for roll-up will be VERY restricted. If you are not playing in the event then you would be well advised to give Friday a miss - why not come along on the evening of Wednesday the 4th October instead! 

Wednesday Evenings are back!

With Tuesday and Friday afternoons now thriving your committee feel the time is right to try and relaunch the traditional Wednesday evening session that we had to suspend due to declining attendances earlier this year.


To start with we have booked FIVE evenings for a trial period and we will review whether we continue beyond that when we meet in November and we can see how popular it has been. As a result there will be sessions from 6.30pm for 7.00pm start and finishing at 9.15pm on the following dates: 

  • 4th October 2017

  • 11th October 2017

  • 18th October 2017

  • 25th October 2017

  • 1st November 2017

We hope many of you who have expressed a desire for a weekly evening session will support this move and we also hope that some of you who like to play twice a week might consider making Wednesday evening one of your sessions to relieve the growing strain on the afternoon attendances.

For general information, for the period of this trial we will only be accepting new memberships for people who wish to play on Wednesday evenings.

Not only do we hope to re-establish Wednesday evening as a key part of the Club’s programme we see it as a precursor to also re-establishing our Trent team to play in the County League next season which will need to play home games on a Wednesday evening. If you would like to play league bowls during the 2018/19 then PLEASE support the Wednesday evening session so we get a good idea as to who is interested.



Club Competitons

We are about to start our annual cycle of Club competitons and the first two will be:
LADIES SINGLES: 2.00pm Friday 29th September 2017 (Entries close 26th September)
MENS SINGLES: 2.00pm Tuesday 31st October 2017 (Entries close 27th October)
The sign-up sheet for the Ladies Singles is now on the notice board so get your names up there soon! If you are not going to be at a club session soon then you can email me and I will put your name up for you.
Just a remnider that this year that the competion fee is £4.00 (£2.50 usual playing subs plus £1.50 to the prize fund).

Two upcoming events:

Sports Fun Day - Tuesday 29th August

Eileen (B) is organising an afternoon sports day as a bit of summer holiday fun and a change from our usual bowls. It involves variations on a bowls theme of football and cricket. Eileen assures me this is suitable for all ages and does not require any previous experience! There will also be a cream tea on offer so I expect that will bring most of you along! Usual start time and usual £2.50 session fee applies. 

Friendly v Wool SMBC - Friday 1st September

Most of you will recall that we had a friendly at Wool a couple of weeks ago and the original date for the return had to be postponed. Wool have now agreed that the return match at Furzebrook will be on Friday 1st September. I envisage our team will be much the same as the one at which played at Wool but if anyone else wishes to play please let me know ASAP. We will be using three mats and there will be rinks of fours so the hall will be pretty packed! Those who play on Friday who did not elect to play in the match may prefer to come along on to the Sports Day or to the following Tuesday session but we will be able to put a fourth mat down for anyone who does wish to 'roll up' that day. I hope that between us we can match the cake provided by Wool (and improve on the score)!





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