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Tony Daley

It is with deep sadness I have to announce that Tony passed away this morning. Tony was a gentle and amiable man with a wonderful smile and he will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Our thoughts are with Shirley and the family at this difficult time and they have asked that they be left in peace while they come to terms with their loss.

Rest in peace Tony.

League teams 2017/8

As the 2016/7 Dorset League season comes to an end it is already time to start thinking about  next season. We have struggled to field three teams this season and we have sadly lost some members of our teams following the recent unfortunate events. Despite this, as we have a number of new members, the committee are hopeful that we can field teams again this year but whether this will be two or three teams it is too early to say.

The process of rebuilding the teams will need to be a two stage process. Firstly we need to find out who wants to play league bowls next year and then we will need to consult with those interested members about which team they will be involved with. The sign up sheet is now on the notice board to establish who wants to play, nothing else at this stage! 

If you want to play league bowls next season please add your name to the list. If you wish to play with another person please bracket the names together. Next to each of the names there are three columns to indicate your availability or preference:

  1. M/W Eve - Midweek evenings. tick if you are happy to play home matches during the week

  2. W/E Sun - Sunday afternoons: tick if you are happy to play home matches on Sunday afternoons

  3. M/W Day - Midweek daytime: Tick if you are happy to play home matches during the day mid-week

You may tick as many columns as you wish. Please be assured that at the present time we are just gathering information, ticking a particular column does NOT necessarily tie you to any team in any division - we are not in a position to make such choices yet. If in doubt please ask! Closing date is the 30th June 2017. If you wish to play but are unable to attend a session before the cut-off date to put your name on the sign-up sheet you can email me with you preferences using the website contact form and I will do it for you. 

I have been asked why there is a midweek/day-time option. There are two reasons; firstly, the league organisers say we can play our matches during the day on weekdays provided our opponents are happy with this. If enough of us want to do this then we can offer this option to other teams. Secondly, if we can only enter two teams in the league it may leave some members 'out in the cold'. If there is enough interest shown we can approach neighbouring clubs about playing friendly matches during the week, we know Wool are keen on this idea.

Wednesday Evenings

As most of you were at the AGM you will all be only too well aware that the declining numbers rolling up for the Wednesday session had forced us to face a difficult decision. The last year has seen a steady downturn in support for Wednesdays for all manner of reasons and in recent weeks less than eight have been playing, on one occasion just four.


Whilst our hearts may have wanted to keep the session that has always been the ‘club night’, heads were saying that this cannot go on. The committee were faced with the unenviable decision to halt the session for the summer and so it is with a degree of relief, then, that the core of the Wednesday group have conceded that the session is no longer viable and so Wednesday evenings have now been cancelled until further notice.


The question now is do we abandon an evening session all together and become just a day time club for retired people or do we try to breath new life into the session in the autumn, perhaps even trying to form a family group? Is there a realistic prospect of finding new recruits to rekindle Wednesday evenings?

This is not a question that we should rush to address. All sides need time to reflect on what is best for the club and what is best for them as individual members. When your committee meet in August we will consider the options but in the meantime we are open to any positive suggestions that you may have. Please, if you have an idea for saving the Wednesday evening club night, let us know.

After the AGM ...

After what was a depressing, and at times distressing, AGM yesterday I can now confirm that your committee for the coming year will be: Peter Orchard (Chair), John Holloway (Treasurer), Tina Leonard (Secretary), Eileen Brown, Jo Duncan, Don Hewitt, Ken Leonard and Ann Warnekey

I know some of you find my quoting of the 'rule book' tedious but please bear in mind that I am a qualified quality assurance adviser and assessor specialising in small charitable organisations and I understand the need for, and passionately believe in, the need for good governance even in 'small' bowls clubs. Your committee is obliged by law to exercise prudent management of the clubs finances and assets and prior to the AGM we discussed AND AGREED to put three resolutions to the AGM to correct what we believed to be weaknesses in the clubs financial management:

1. That we increase the club's reserve fund to £2,000 from £1,500 to bridge the gap between the amount of our insurance cover and the cost of replacing all of out equipment in the event of a total loss (ie: a fire in the hall) or to provide sufficient funds to purchase two new mats should our current ones need replacing due to wear and tear. This proposal was carried by 9 votes to 2 with the majority of members expressing no opinion.

2. That the annual membership fee be increased to £20.00 from £10.00 so that the session playing fee can remain at £2.50. This was carried by 22 votes to 6. (Can those wishing to renew please make your payment by the end of April if possible so that we can get our annual return off to the County and get registration numbers for you all - thanks)

3. Having already decided to suspend the Friday sessions during the summer because of low attendances to also suspend Wednesdays which are already losing nearly £10.00 a session. Although this was carried by 15 votes to 13 the narrow margin indicates that this is clearly a divisive issue and the new committee will have to consider what to do next.

It is impossible to hide that the club is deeply divided on two main issues and it would be naive to suggest those differences should now be put behind us, especially in view of the rather personal nature the argument has engendered. All I can do is ask you to accept the principals of good old British democracy. A committee to govern the club has been established, eight people are willing to accept this responsibility which many others are not. They will try and act in the best long term interests of the club and even if you do not agree with their decisions please try and understand the basis of the decision and live with it. 

I am obviously acutely aware that the AGM voted 16-14 in favour of Larry to be your chairman and it is, therefore, some what bizarre that I find myself back in the 'hot seat'. This situation has all the makings for further conflict unless some form of consensus between the two sides can be found.  At the moment I can see little prospect of that but I am truly open to any proposals that will help heal our differences. One thing I will not be moved from however, is the need for good governance and the prudent management of the club's finances and assets as I stated above.

Finally. I am truly grateful for the kind words of support from some of the members present, it helped to balance the offensive remarks from others! All I ask now is that we accept our differences and go back to enjoying our bowls.



Bowling Reminder!

Just a reminder that: 

1. The Club Annual General Meeting takes place at 2.00pm this coming Tuesday, the 11th April 2017. It is hoped there will be some time for bowls afterwards

2. There will be NO BOWLS on Good Friday, 14th April as the Caravan Club have booked the hall for the entire weekend.


Annual General Meeting 2017

This year's Annual General Meeting will be held at 2.00pm on Tuesday 11th April in the main room at Furzebrook Village Hall. There should be time for an hour of bowls aftwerwards if everything goes according to plan!


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